Children and Make Up – Try it Safely with a Pamper Party!

Research recently conducted indicates that many children throughout the world are using make up at an earlier age than in years gone by. We are all familiar with the feeling that our girls are growing up much faster than we did!

So, how safe are the beauty products that your children use? At Pamper Me Girls, we know how important it is to keep an eye on the make up and beauty products your daughter uses. Young skin is delicate, so natural products are best. This is particularly important with beauty products such as moisturisers and foundation – liquid products that are applied to a large area of skin. Eyes are delicate too, and it’s important to explain to girls that they should not share make up with friends.


A safe way for children to try make up for the first time is at a pamper party. Pamper Me Girls pampering parties are a popular and safe way for young girls to try out make up, manicures and hairstyles. We supply a trained beautician who can show the girls how to apply make up and choose the right products, whilst making them feel grown up and beautiful!

All of our beauticians are trained to work with children and teenagers. This means being CRB-checked as well as fully qualified in the treatments they provide. The idea of a pamper party is that the beautician will bring the spa to you, providing safe-to-skin beauty products for the girls to try. They can also bring extras such as foot spas and gowns to make the girls feel extra-special.

Girls are growing up faster these days and it’s impossible to stop them experimenting! However, you can make sure that they are trying out products that are not damaging to their skin by doing a little research. And try not to laugh when they show you their first makeover attempts!

To find out more about Leeds children’s parties visit the Pamper Me Girls website. The fully-trained beauticians will be able to explain all of the products they are using and will ensure that makeovers are age-appropriate.

Pamper parties are a safe way for girls to try make up for the first time and experiment with their friends. Ideal too, for teenage parties, prom nights and princess parties! Pamper Me UK are based in Leeds, Yorkshire.

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